Monday, March 30, 2009

PCWC shirts for sale! No More Racism!

PCWC has shirts printed up, for sale, and ready for wear! Just like you, we're sick of the racism and popularized white supremacist currents at work in the police departments and amongst the white citizenry of Maricopa County. We're sick of the intimidation of workers, the racial profiling, and the "crime suppression" sweeps targeting working class communities of color. It's time to make our resistance visible, to let others in this town know that we do not tolerate racism, or give white suprmacists a pass. To do our part we have printed up a shirt that gets straight to the point, "No More Racism," and fuck Sheriff Joe.

We've sold out of small and medium sizes, but we plan to have more printed shortly, we also plan on printing up other designs as well. We still have plenty of shirts in large, x-large, and xx-large for sale, all shirts are black with white ink, and run for $10. Contact us if you want to buy one, or a few for your favorite friends and comrades.

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fishface said...

how can i get a shirt??!! my email is