Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Uri Gordon discusses Anarchists Against the Wall

The Institute for Anarchist Studies has posted a very interesting video of a talk by Uri Gordon, militant and author of the recent book Anarchy Alive! Anti-authoritarian Politics from Practice to Theory. In this presentation, Gordon discusses his experience with Anarchists Against the Wall, an anti-authoritarian movement dedicated to challenging the "seperation" wall that the Israeli government is using, under the pretext of stopping terrorism, to enact a land grab for settlements. I think the talk would be instructive for anarchists generally, but also for those in Arizona specifically, given our own experience with the border wall (of which last weekend PCWC got an upclose tour thanks to our comrades at O'odham Solidarity Across Borders Collective). Gordon does something that anarchists often fail to do: consider goals and whether we are achieving them. I highly recommend the talk. Watch it below.

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