Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Photo of the day

Another "crime suppression sweep" ended tonight, I put the sweeps in quotations because, like many in the valley, we at PCWC understand this term to be code words for the regular anti-immigrant and racial profiling police operation ordered by Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Despite the broad range of opposition from civil liberty groups, Latino residents, and police accountability groups, the "sweeps" conducted by the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office continue to terrorize the Mexican-American and immigrant communities of the county. Phoenix Insurgent has previously written on the limitations and dead end-ism of the Left's approach to opposing the Arizona's anti-immigrant hysteria, and we at PCWC continue to fight for free movement for free people.

So, it was pleasing to see Sheriff Joe gripe on his twitter account today about an action by "a disobedient", a person engaging in unmediated action against an oppressor, in this case Sheriff Joe, that occurred while he gave his press conference on the latest mass racial profiling police operation. The scribbler of "Fuck Joe!" even went so far as to put it in the most appropriate place: one of the walls of the jail complex. Bravo!

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Occupy UNO said...

perhaps next time they have a sweep planned you can organize affinity groups to blockade certain intersections within the sweep area to make it hard for the police to conduct their fascist operations?

get different groups to sign up for different intersections. approach the leftists/reformists and ask them to get on board with an intersection.

it will help show clear lines of division between those who really want to stop this and those who merely want people to join their group and continue getting grant funding. you can go straight to their membership too if the reformist leadership blows you off, and invite them to participate.

just simple intersection blockades and protests (or people nearby ready to replace the blockade after the police remove it), coordinated, so everyone at an intersection has the phone numbers or walkie talkies or a twitter feed with all the other intersections, both to keep updated on police movements and to stay connected to each other.

we are discussing this strategy to fight the PIC where i live.