Thursday, December 2, 2010

Photo of the day: Italian students carry book shields against police during day of action.

Striking back against the capitalist and state attempt to further privatize education and jack up fees, Italian students took to the streets to chants of "Block Everything". Exercising their power to shut down the functioning of everyday life, they tried to block parliament. They were met by police, who in turn came under attack by tomatoes, eggs and smoke bombs. More successful blockades took place at various other city institutions, like the subway and tourist attractions.

Aside from the blockades, one particular photo caught my eye: students deploying shields marked with the names of famous book titles! Notice those helmets in the background. They're ready to rumble. Bravo, kids! Offense gets all the glory, but defense can win the game (ask the Suns, who could use more of the latter these days, to be sure). One suggestion, though -- I don't see any Bonanno in there! I guess there's still a little homework to do even after school's out. Still, well done!

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