Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Beer and Revolution: Joel Olson on fanaticism

by Collin Sick

Phoenix Class War Council is happy to invite valley anarchists to the best non-sectarian anarchist political night EVER! The third Beer & Revolution is this coming Sunday, August 16, held once again at Boulders on Broadway in Tempe.

Our last event was fantastic, over 40 people packed the room at Boulders for Joey G's talk on art, resistance, and alternatives to capitalist economics. This month we are very happy to host Joel Olson, a long time anarchist, author, and agitator, speaking on fanaticism and the struggle against white supremacy. Joel was a member of the late continental anarchist federation Love & Rage, a founding member of Phoenix Copwatch, is currently involved in Bring the Ruckus, "a national organization of revolutionaries organizing to fight white supremacy and build dual power," and has written a book, "The Abolition of White Democracy." Most recently Joel has written extensively on the historical role of the fanatical political actor, in particular during the abolitionist anti-slavery movements, and more currently on the impact of the anti-abortion movement in polarizing the national debate. His study of fanaticism as a critical force against political moderation had been of great interest to us at PCWC, as has Joel's writings and political work aimed at attacking white supremacy. We expect this next B&R to be a fantastic discussion for anyone interested in the politics of fanaticism, the struggle against white supremacy, and the possibilities for a truly free and democratic society. Join us for some cold beers, and all the debate, thought, criticism, and inspiration this event may generate.

As usual, Beer & Revolution kicks off at 9 PM, and Joel will give his talk shortly after 9:30, so show up on time, grab some beers, meet some new people, and settle in for what guarantees to be another great political social night. Look forward to seeing you!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Photo of the day

Although, the occupation has finally ended, the worker occupation of the Ssangyong motors factory in Pyeongtaek, South Korea was an inspiring display of working class militancy. More than two weeks of struggle in defense of the occupied factory finally saw the riot police, aided by company scabs, forcing the workers to abandon their fight to stop the company from cutting 1,000 jobs.

Photo from Libcom, their site has an archive of the daily updates from the Ssangyong conflict, lots of crazy photos and accounts from the frontline.

Today's photo is brilliant, the sign held in the photo below reads: "If you come in, there will be fire." Well done.