Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Photo of the Day


Minutes before the final police attack on the D.O.A. contingent, this Phoenix cop takes a cheap shot at the march. No matter the Phoenix PD's P.R. spin after the fact, the cops continue to employ indiscriminate violence. Click on the image for a larger version.


Lisann Martinez said...

The police had it out for these guys from the beginning. I was marching next to these guys and the police on 3 bikes cut across the marchers to post them selves on the other side, as we turned the corner. I asked one of the people dressed in black why they were dressed like that? He stated to show solidarity with the indigenous people. As we continued down the street I decided to get out of the crowd with my daughter. You could tell that there was going to be trouble, by the police. Check out this link 3 minutes into the video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pWZSfs_ROvg

Phoenix Insurgent said...

Thank you for the link to the video. I agree with you that the cops were planning the attack ahead of time. The sad thing is we were just a couple minutes from the end of the march. If they had wanted to make arrests (which is not to say they would have been justified in doing so), they easily could have waited until the end of the march when anarchists wouldn't have been mixed in with families. Another important point to make here, then, is, if the anarchist bloc was so dangerous, why were families comfortable mixing in with it? Fuck the Phoenix PD.

chaparral said...

undercover cops with the bloc:

john zerzan said...

Just a word to say how deeply I was and am turned on by what y'all have goin' on in Phoenix. A very great, stimulating pleasure to have been there with you Sunday the 31st. The
indigenous-anarchist alliance is an idea whose time has come - and now, already, more than just an idea! You
are awesome.
From this stolen land, John Z