Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Photo of the Day! (Updated)

Today's photo comes from LA, where fuming mad residents shouted down the chief of police at a community meeting about the recent murder of Manuel Jamines, a day laborer from Guatemala. Booing, shouting "assassins" and "killers", they forced the chief to retreat from the microphone. When he returned he promised a "fair investigation". Yeah, right... I won't hold my breath.

Outside, Angelinos clashed with police for a third straight night even as community "leaders" sought to quell and divert the anger into meaningless and more easily controlled channels. Earlier, the notorious Rampart police station was attacked with various projectiles, including a humiliating volley of eggs. The station's sign was improved with anarchist graffiti.

For our part, despite the appeal to the constitution, PCWC's sympathies lie much more with the sentiments expressed in the picture above. No doubt, as Robert Williams famously remarked, Black people with guns have always been white America's nightmare, and that goes generally for all people of color. For those interested in further reading on history, gun control and white supremacy, I explored the question a few years ago on my old blog.

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa validated my obviously well-justified skepticism that, regardless of the promises from the chief, there was no way anything approaching a "fair investigation" would or could take place. Speaking before reporters the mayor defended the officers as "heroes" and said that “[w]e’ve got to go through an investigation. But when it’s all said and done, I’ll guarantee you what’s going to come out is that these guys are heroes, and I stand by them.”

Amazing psychic powers? Nope. That's good ol' fashioned American justice operating as usual. So regular you can set your watch by it!

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