Thursday, September 16, 2010

Support the Border Opposition Action Fund!

The crisis continues to escalate but the broader "immigration movement" remains mired in boring, repetitive and failed tactics that privilege moral appeals over attack and engagement. Therefore it is more important than ever to support a diversity of creative tactics within the struggle against colonization, the State, Capital and the regulation of movement. Those willing to step it up need a movement behind them that has their backs from beginning to end.

For people who cannot take direct action themselves, it is important to be an unapologetic advocate for those who do and for extreme ideas in general. As we have seen with the proliferation of the "no enforcement" position and the Tempe neighborhood assembly, anarchist ideas and forms can find fertile ground in times of crisis if only people will advocate for them. And as the attack reaches ever more critical intensity, radical solutions, often of the kind that only anarchists can suggest, look more and more like common sense to a lot of people.

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