Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Fired workers and Phoenix Wobblies picket Pei Wei restaurant in Chandler

Cheers to the laid off Pei Wei workers, supported by wobblies from the Phoenix IWW , for taking action after thirteen Latino employees were fired for participating in the large mobilization against SB 1070 two weeks back. Over 20 people, including the workers fired for resisting SB 1070, held a protest outside of the Pei Wei chain's Chandler location last Saturday. In the words of one employee: "We decided not to go to work because we don't want SB 1070 to go through," said Maria Laurean, who works at Pei Wei. "It’s nothing against the company. It's just to show the American people, 'who's going to run the restaurants?'"

In the video below, one of the fired workers discusses the hypocritical and racist decision making of the management, as a white worker who no-showed was given a slap on the wrist, while the Latino workers, who are fighting back against state sanctioned racial profiling, are given pink slips. This isn't the first time that Pei Wei has fired workers for standing up against anti-immigration policies, a couple of years back a store manager was fired after telling four Maricopa county deputies “You are the guys arresting all of my kitchen staff." The thin skinned cops complained to Sheriff Joe, who in turn wrote a letter to the parent company of Pei Wei, P.F. Chang's, and the worker was promptly fired.

It's heartening that Phoenix wobblies are throwing down to support working people under attack, through projects of solidarity lies the possibilities for a free world. A world where a job is no longer an impediment to spending a day lounging in the sun, resting from an illness, or relaxing with a lover. Or, for that matter, taking to the streets to fight back against racist laws that will target communities of color across the state.

Solidarity to all those struggling under the regime of capital!


Unknown said...

reason why the video calls them the International Workers of the World instead of the Industrial...?

great post!

Jon Riley said...

I'm not sure why the video editor got it wrong, I, nor anyone at PCWC had anything to do with the video. I'd recommend leaving a comment on the youtube page.

Unknown said...


We are the ones who made the video.

We are One People's Project, an anti-racist guerilla-media/activist group.

We screwed up the International/Industrial mistake, and it was because we did the write up while driving to our next destination right after this protest and after the racist anti-immigration rally.

We were over heated and tired, sorry bout that!

But, we also have a good story with shots and vid proving the white supremacist element of the anti-immigration side one the way.

Again, sorry, we are a rag-tag small team who runs on little sleep and even littler money, and we make mistakes here and there.

Here are our sites:




The OPP and LLL colllective