Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Got $20 bucks? Help our Greek comrades continue their U.S. tour!

The VOID Network breaking it down to a packed house during their talk at Beer & Revolution.

Before kicking back with a six pack of Guinness this St. Patrick's Day, please consider kicking down $5 or $20 to lend some mutual aid to our Greek comrades from the VOID Network.

That's right, we're asking you to buy the cheap stuff tonight.

Our Athenian comrades had a really crappy incident last night, their vehicle was broken into in Berkeley, and all of their materials (Boxes of books and pamphlets) for the U.S. tour were stolen. In addition to this theft, the window to the vehicle was smashed, but the worst news of all is that the projector they used to share the images from the revolt was also taken. In short, everything bankrolling the tour is gone.

They are now in desperate need of mutual aid, in the form of monetary assistance, ASAP. The broken window must be fixed before they can continue on their tour, and a donation will help restock those books and pamphlets as well. We were very grateful the folks from VOID took the time to stop in Phoenix for a few days, and it would be a tragedy if they were unable to continue their tour, so please kick some cash down if you've got it.

Hit up Little Black cart and donate:

-$20 donation to the VOID Network
-$5 donation to the VOID Network

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