Sunday, March 7, 2010

Tonight: March's Beer & Revolution with the VOID Network

Beer & Revolution is back for March! Thanks to everyone who came out for our last B&R in January with Dan Todd and John Zerzan. Over 70 people packed the upstairs space at Boulders on Broadway for a remarkable evening of (anti-) politics and discussion, PCWC recorded this talk and I'll try to have it online before the end of the month.

We're very excited for our next B&R, this Sunday we're fortunate to have some comrades from the other side of the globe, members 0f the VOID Network, straight outta Athens, will be in town to deliver a talk on the (now) infamous rebellion that shook Greece in 2008. The execution of young Alex Grigoropoulos set off days of riots, which became weeks of social upheaval, a broad revolt that challenged the police, capital, the state, and the faux social peace of every day life.

The VOID Network will also examine the context of other revolts, as well as the state repression that follows, in Catalunya (Spain), and the United Kingdom, and what these developments may mean for other social struggles worldwide.

The speakers from the VOID Network have also released a book, "We Are an Image from the Future: The Greek Revolt of 2008," published by AK Press, featuring interviews with anarchists and antiauthoritarians from Athens, Thessaloniki, Patras, and several villages and islands.

This will be an exciting night to hear directly from a few of the participants of the ruptures in Greece, to have some beers (or soda, tea, water, etc.) with friends and comrades, and to enjoy a night of politics and conversation.

One important note, this month's Beer & Revolution WILL NOT be held at the usual stomping grounds of Boulders on Broadway, due to a scheduling conflict. It will be held, for this month only, right down the street at Casey Moore's Oyster House on 9th and Ash. Casey's is gracious enough to let us borrow the dining room this Sunday night, and we're very happy to have B&R there. The other change is that it we'll begin a bit later than usual, around 9 PM, so make sure to get there a bit early, as we'll be starting closer to the posted time than usual. The final bit of news is that we managed to keep this an all-ages event, our comrades under 21 will be able to attend this month's forum.

Come one, come all, we're very excited for tonight, and look forward to seeing folks at Casey's!

Bring your politics!

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