Thursday, March 4, 2010

Photo of the day

Today's photo is bad ass, straight up. It would appear that someone(s) managed to get atop of the Coor building at ASU main campus and drop this inspiring banner. It's no secret that much of ASU's notoriously apolitical student body is more likely to go for sun bathing and beer pong than organizing and fighting against another tuition attack, thus making this action all the more heartening for us non-students at PCWC.

Not to say the are no critiques of the new student movement (my comrade Phoenix Insurgent posted one of his yesterday), I have a few of my own as well. It's always worth keeping an eye of the wing of the movement demanding tuition reform, or some other appeasement that keeps this movement within the realm of university and student life. This middle ground of the movement will ensure the student discontent stays within the confines of the school, preventing it from spilling out into the broader sphere of social tensions at play.

(photo via ASU resists)

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